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track and compare practice pricing

CLX compares your retail price side by side to the retail price of national, online contact lens retailers, and lets you sort your products from the most under-priced to the most over-priced relative to the pricing of national competitors. 

"These reports alert me to changes in rebates, UPP prices and online competition so we can maintain profitability and provide patient value. CLX does a lot more for me than make ordering easier.”

amie duMong

Pacific Eye Associates


Simplify and streamline your contact lens ordering.

define, analyze 

& monitor

Order. Manage. Market.

CLX stores all of your contact lens order details in a simple-to-use, searchable data warehouse, providing you real-time, detailed reporting to help you track practice trends and identify opportunities for practice growth. 

detailed daily reporting

By placing orders through CLX, valuable data is gathered, stored and accessible to you via CLX's Admin Dashboard in real-time. 

monitor profitability 

Every practice has a contact lens formulary, but is it the most profitable one? And how do you make changes to your prescribing habits if you can't monitor the profitability of your current formulary? CLX provides the detailed reporting necessary to help you effectively monitor your profitability and, ultimately, grow your revenue. 


Retain your patients and increase revenues.

​​​​Grow your contact lens business.

make the most out of your cl data

Do you know what your annual supply percentage was last month?

Which products in your practice are the most profitable?

How does your product pricing compare against national competition?

key performance metrics 

CLX reports on valuable metrics that help you monitor your practice's contact lens business performance, enabling you to identify in which areas you are excelling and which areas might need work. With CLX, gain access to your true annual supply percentage, modality fitting metrics and manufacturer fitting percentages - all broken down by office, doctor and team member.