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Does your team spend too much time...

Calling, faxing and emailing in contact lens orders? 

And then even more time logging these orders in your practice management system?

Real-time order status updates 

CLX provides up-to-the-minute reporting on the status of your contact lens orders, allowing you to improve your communication and customer service by having the status of your patients' orders at your finger tips when they call in to ask about it. 

Single point order entry 

CLX is integrated with the leading practice management systems, reducing time your team members spend calling, faxing and emailing in orders to your distributor only to have to enter them again into your practice management system. View our practice management integrations here.

Order. Manage. Market.

​​​​Grow your contact lens business.

On-Demand Contact Lens Catalog 

Updated daily, CLX maintains the industry's most comprehensive contact lens catalog. 

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"With the move to CLX, we were able to let our staff work on other things, have complete knowledge about what we sell, the pricing on it AND what advantages there were for us to become more profitable.”

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Bard Optical

CLX reduces ordering and administration time by maintaining an updated contact lens catalog, providing a single, centralized contact lens ordering portal, and by providing immediate and reliable order status updates. 

freedom of choice 

Select and order contact lenses from the distributor that best suits your practice. When you order through CLX, you'll maintain the same negotiated shipping rates and product pricing that you have worked out with your distributor. View our complete list of distributor partners here.