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Getting Started with CLX

focus on contact lens

Getting Started with CLX

Welcome to CLX

The CLX System is an integral component and benefit of Vision Source’s FOCUS on CONTACT LENS program because it enables members to tap into the full potential of their contact lens business. To activate your free access to CLX Premium, complete the two steps below:

CLX QuickStart Checklist:

1. Complete Vision Source FOCUS on Contact Lens enrollment contract 

2. Complete the CLX QuickStart Intake Form to create your CLX account.
This information will be used to create your CLX Premium account. If you have any questions about the form, please call or email the CLX team.

3. Complete the CLX Merchant Services Application to setup online contact lens order processing.
Completing this Merchant Services Application is essential to capturing your ecommerce revenue. The funds generated from any contact lens reorders and subscriptions that are processed through CLX will be directly deposited into your bank account after each transaction. This form should be completed by a practice owner or administrator who is listed as a signer on your preferred bank account.

Next Steps

Once you complete the steps above, the CLX Team will set up your account and you’ll receive log in and training instructions within XX business days. These notifications will come from You may wish to add that address to your email’s safe sender list, or check your Junk and Spam inboxes.



The CLX System is designed to elevate your practice at every step of the patient life-cycle and make it easier for you to sell contact lenses to the patients you already see.

CLX enables you to:

Sell more annual supplies of the highest-margin products
Offer online ordering and subscriptions
Send automated reminders with one-click ordering links

“Other companies have tried to make a
product like this, but nothing has worked as
seamlessly as CLX. Every private practice
should take advantage of this system.”


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