​​​​Grow your contact lens business.

CLX Reorder


Simplify and streamline your contact lens ordering.

CLX identifies your patients that are due to reorder contact lenses and automatically sends them emails and texts that provide them with a personal link, directing them to reorder from you. 

too many patients are reordering from an online retailer...

And not from their personal O.D.

CLX gives your patients the ability to order contact lenses directly from your website at their convenience by placing a customized, contact lens ordering link on your website. 


Define, analyze and monitor key growth metrics.

CLX Store

retain patients 

grow revenues

"Patients want a trusted and convenient option to order contact lenses online. This system puts contact lens ordering into the hands of the patient and encourages compliance with healthier lens-wearing schedules. Best of all, we retain the patient which helps us achieve our financial success."

Gail Elias

Henry Ford Optimeyes


CLX offers turnkey marketing solutions - subscriptions, reorder, and an online store - designed to help you compete with online competition, retain patients and increase practice revenues.

Beat your online competition.

Generate sales even when your practice isn't open.

Reduce patients stretching lenses and help them maintain optimal eye health.

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Order. Manage. Market.

With CLX Subscriptions, your patients can elect to be billed on a regular basis so that contacts will automatically be shipped to their home without your office doing a thing. Click here to learn more.