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The features of the CLX System are designed to work together to create the industry’s most comprehensive contact lens sales platform.

Patient using CLX point of sale on a tablet

CLX Point of Sale Tools

The easiest time to sell a full year’s supply of contact lenses is as soon as you generate a patient’s annual prescription. Our in-office tools help you show your patients why buying from you is the best option for their needs — and their budget.

Easy Ordering

Easily process, track, and ship new contact lens orders — or reorders — to your patients. Learn More

Price Compare

Highlight favorable price comparisons, illustrate the impact of rebates and insurance benefits, and make the best possible case for why a patient should buy their contacts before they leave your office. Learn More

Flexible Payment Options

Give your patients options to pay what their budget allows. With CLX, you can split up their payments for an annual supply over the course of the year. Learn More

CLX Ecommerce Engine

Not every patient will buy an annual supply of their contact lenses immediately after their exam. That’s why you need tools that allow your patients to easily order from you online and have their contacts delivered directly to their homes.

Reordering Reminders

CLX gives you tools to help your patients stay on track by sending automated text and email reminders to patients personalized with their prescription information that prompt them to order before they run out. Learn More


With flexible subscription options, your patients can sign up for automatic shipments of their contact lens refills. Learn More

Patient Protect

Every contact lens practice has patients who take their prescriptions to go. With Patient Protect, you can follow up with these “exam only” patients and continue to offer them convenient ways to purchase from you. Learn More

Online Ordering

For your patients, the ability to order contact lenses online is a must. With the CLX webstore, they get around-the-clock options to order and reorder their contacts — whenever and where they want. Learn More
Man using CLX E-commerce on laptop and smartphone
Laptop displaying CLX Business Intelligence Suite

CLX Business Intelligence Suite

CLX arms your contact lens business with the ability to evolve and adapt to changes in the market as they happen. The system provides updates on the latest pricing changes and offers a full suite of reporting to keep you up to date on your practice’s key contact lens performance metrics.

Industry Pricing Benchmarks

When it comes to competing with online retailers and big box stores for contact lens revenue, having access to the latest information is key. With CLX, industry pricing data is available at all times (and delivered in a monthly email).

Performance Dashboard

Success in the contact lens industry starts with a deep understanding of your practice’s performance. CLX reporting includes in-depth tracking on annual supply rate over time, modality and manufacturer fitting mix, and contact lens profitability.

“With CLX, we have a much better system for capturing reorders.”

Amanda Barker-Assell, O.D. | Optometric Physician | Advanced Family Eye Care