Patient Protect

On average, 1 in 5 patients of the patients you fit with contact lenses will take their prescription to go after their fitting. Rarely do these “exam-only” patients end up returning to buy from their eye doctor, instead choosing the convenience of online retailers and big box stores. This means you could lose 100% of a patient’s contact lens revenue from an entire year for any patient that fits in this group.

Patient Protect can help. It enables you to enter your patient’s prescription in the CLX System and activate personalized reminders via text and email. This added convenience makes the patient more likely to purchase their contacts from you, deepening patient loyalty while increasing contact lens revenue in your practice that would’ve otherwise gone to the competition.

Stay Top of Mind with Exam-Only Patients

Patient Protect ensures that your practice stays at the forefront of your CL patients’ minds — even if they choose not to buy from you initially in the office — by sending personalized reminders with convenient links directly to the CLX online ordering portal.

Maximize Your Patient Retention Opportunities

Automating your post-exam outreach keeps more business within your practice and, importantly, reduces the potential for your patients to engage with other providers to fill their prescriptions.

Increase Revenue from Exam-Only Patients

Once a patient leaves your office, your chance of capturing their CL purchases falls dramatically. Patient Protect helps you recapture lost revenue from a group of patients with untapped potential to be more satisfied customers while at the same time improving your overall capture rate.

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How Can Patient Protect Benefit Your Practice?

Offer Options to Fit Every Preference

The modern patient demands convenient options at their disposal that fit their unique needs and preferences. CLX Patient Protect expands the options available to your patients using the purchasing methods they prefer, even if they decide to take their prescription to-go.

Leverage Existing Patient Relationships

Patient Protect gives you another option to leverage the strength of the doctor-patient relationship to sell more contact lenses to patients you are already seeing and increases the chances of keeping those patients coming back year after year.

Capitalize on Comprehensive Ecommerce with CLX

Patient Protect isn’t just a way to capture your patients’ first orders of their new prescription, it can open the door for the whole year of CL revenue! Once the first patient order is in the system, they’ll receive automated reordering messages with CLX Convenient Reordering!

Reduce Administrative Burden

Patient Protect automatically sends personalized order links to your exam-only patients, pre-filled with their precise prescriptions. This simplifies the process of following up with patients who leave with their prescriptions, freeing up your staff to prioritize patient care.

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