No practice can succeed in today’s contact lens market without a plan. CLX offers a user-friendly suite of contact lens sales tools that makes it easier than ever to capture and manage every order. Sell more contact lenses, offer online ordering and subscription options, and keep your patients buying their contacts from your practice with a convenient set of automated tools at your disposal.

Why CLX?

The features of CLX work together to help you sell more contact lens orders before, during and after the exam. Aimed at helping you offer convenience while saving time in your practice and learning critical insights about your contact lens business, CLX is an all-in-one solution for your practice.

Point-of-Sale Tools

Immediately after the fitting is your best opportunity to sell an annual supply. CLX Point-of-Sale tools allow you to show favorable head-to-head price comparisons and break down annual supplies into flexible payment over the course of the year.

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Modern consumers want to do business online. The CLX Ecommerce Engine enables you to provide more options that your patients prefer — 24/7 ordering, convenient reordering, and seamless set-up for subscriptions of their contact lenses.

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Business Intelligence Suite

You can’t grow your practice without understanding your performance. The CLX Business Intelligence Suite tracks crucial KPIs, reports on the performance of individual staff members, and delivers competitive insights into the industry at large.

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“With CLX, our patients are not only reminded to order their contact lenses, they’re able to do so with a single click.”

Kellyn Goodwin | Practice Development Coordinator & Optometric Technician

About CLX

Developed in 2005, our suite of features was designed to help modern practitioners keep up with a rapidly advancing industry while saving administrative time in their practice. Today, the CLX system is the number 1 online ordering platform in the industry, and it’s no accident.
Laptop showing CLX System chart

9.6 million

Orders Captured

$1.8 billion

in Contact Lens Sales

45 million

Boxes Sold

$50.7 million

in Reorder Revenue