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Business Intelligence Suite

Providing key insights about your contact lens sales performance, industry pricing changes, and more, CLX helps you identify and target your largest areas of opportunity.

Want to chart a path to reach your goals? It starts with understanding what’s holding you back.

CLX offers a variety of different paths that you can take to sell more contact lenses, meet your patients’ diverse preferences, and make your practice more efficient — and all of the features of the system are supported by a robust and one-of-a-kind reporting module.

CLX System Industry Pricing Benchmarks

Industry Pricing Benchmarks

Without an eye on the industry, you can never be sure how you stack up when your patients are set on shopping around. With the price check report from CLX, you can get a rundown of pricing on the most popular products from your largest competitors, receiving summaries of significant changes so that you can set your selling strategy with the most up-to-date information.

Full-Scale Performance Dashboard

CLX provides reports that don’t just show you how you’re doing, they lead you directly to your largest areas of opportunity. View and track important numbers like annual supply rate and Ecommerce revenue, oversee the performance of individual staff members and locations, and optimize your use of the system in real-time based on what you’re seeing.
CLX full-scale performance dashboard
CLX performance metrics

Convenient Monthly Snapshot

We know life gets busy and it’s not always easy to spend time staying on top of your practice’s performance metrics — so we do it for you! CLX users receive a monthly email report called the “Accelerator Snapshot” that details key metrics like annual supply rate, subscription revenue, phone vs email capture rate, patients due to reorder in the next month, and more.

Data is power. I like to know what’s going on with my contact lens sales every month. I can go into CLX and look at the real data. I can see what the annual supply rate really was, what sales we need to focus on — even which employee needs more training.”

Dr. Troy Bedinghaus, OD | Lakewood Family Eye Care