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Why CLX?

For nearly two decades, thousands of ECPs have trusted CLX as their contact lens platform because of its uniquely comprehensive set of tools designed to fight back against online retailers and big box stores looking to interrupt the doctor-patient relationship.

Among a growing number of contact lens sales platforms on the market, the CLX System still rises above the rest — and it’s clear why. Since 2005, CLX has offered practices of all sizes the ability to seamlessly maintain their contact lens business growth while adapting to meet the changing needs and preferences of their patients. Get access to the tools you need to sell more contact lenses at every stage in the patient life cycle while retaining an unmatched level of insight into performance in key areas.

What Makes CLX Unique?

Comprehensive tools icon

Comprehensive Tools

CLX has features aimed at selling more contact lenses before, during, and after the exam. Improve sales immediately after the fitting with CLX Point-of-Sale Tools and capture more revenue when patients leave your practice without purchasing an annual supply with the system’s feature-rich Ecommerce platform.

White label website icon

White Label Webstore

All features of the CLX Ecommerce Engine – text and email reorder reminders, subscription options, and more – are built on a user-friendly ordering portal! Your webstore can be added anywhere on your website and is branded with your practice logo and colors so your patients associate the value of CLX with their eye doctor.

Robust reporting icon

Robust Reporting

To improve performance, you have to be able to identify areas of opportunity in your practice – the robust CLX reporting dashboard allows you to track key contact lens growth metrics like modality and manufacturer mix, reorder revenue and annual supply rate, and breaks down sales performance to individual locations, doctors, and staff members.

Payment processing icon

Simple Payment Processing

Unlike some systems that hold your contact lens ecommerce revenue until a certain point in the month for orders they process, CLX makes sure you’re paid as soon as the order goes out. This simplifies accounting for your contact lens business and ensures that you have access to your CL revenue when you need it.

Earn more icon

Earn More in Less Time

Doctors love that CLX enables them to increase contact lens sales while cutting down on manual work. Spend less time managing orders, following up with exam-only patients, and fielding reorders over the phone. Essentially, CLX acts as an extra staff member dedicated to managing and growing your contact lens business.
Unparalleled flexibility icon

Unparalleled Flexibility

CLX integrates with a wide variety of practice management systems, and because we’re not affiliated with a manufacturer, we can facilitate orders of almost any contact lens product on the market. With CLX, you can enjoy the kind of flexibility in your practice that you won’t get anywhere else!

User Case Studies

Read the stories of some CLX users who wanted to share their experiences using the software to improve the way their practice operates, sell more contacts, and drive loyalty among contact lens patients.

Dr. Ian Whipple

Dr. Ian Whipple, Farr West, UT

When Dr. Whipple saw changes in consumer preferences, he knew he needed to adopt a tool to deliver options to meet every patient need and preference. Click to read why he chose CLX and how his practice has fared since.

Dr. Amanda Barker

Dr. Amanda Barker, Denver, NC

When she started using CLX, 60% of Dr. Barker’s business came from contact lens patients, so she simply couldn’t afford to lose any more reorder revenue to online retailers. Click to read why thinks adopting CLX is a “no-brainer.”

Dr. Troy Bedinghaus

Dr. Troy Bedinghaus, Lakewood Ranch, FL

When Dr. Bedinghaus realized his current method of managing contact lens orders and reorders wasn’t moving as fast as the market, he looked to CLX for help. Click to read how CLX’s seamless online ordering and inventory management transformed his practice.

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