Point-of-Sale Tools

Selling more contact lenses and maximizing the annual supply rate means starting at the earliest opportunity — before the patient leaves your practice after the exam.

CLX helps you optimize opportunities with patients at the point of sale with a toolset enabling you to demonstrate the value of purchasing their preferred lenses from you — instead of the third-party competitors that threaten to interfere in the doctor-patient relationship.

CLX easy ordering

Easy Ordering

The orders you place with CLX are sent directly to your distributor for fulfillment. Unlike the case with other contact lens sales platforms, EVERY contact lens order flows through CLX, not just the eCommerce orders. This gives you nearly unlimited potential to remarket patients, capture more orders at different times, and generate reports that give you a practical view of your entire contact lens business.

Price Compare

Our point-of-sale MVP is Price Compare, a display that empowers you to sit down with a patient and do their comparison shopping for them. Simply select a product, factor in exclusive discounts, rebates, and insurance benefits, then generate a direct comparison to top big box and online retailers. Show your patients favorable price comparisons to help them understand why the best time to buy is now!

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Annual supply rate is always at the top of our to-do list. We work really diligently to make sure we are promoting why it is good and beneficial to the patient, how you save money by purchasing an annual supply. That’s something we always work towards.”

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Flexible Payment Options

In order to sell more annual supplies, you need to offer affordable options that work for your patients. With CLX, you can easily calculate a “net box price” and break down a full year’s supply into monthly deliveries. With CLX Subscriptions, you capture all of a patient’s annual contact lens purchases while allowing your patients to pay for their next supply of lenses when they’re due to ship.