CLX Ecommerce Engine

With CLX’s Ecommerce Engine, you can offer unmatched flexibility to your contact lens patients with online ordering, reordering, and subscription options from a simple, seamless contact lens web store. Practices utilizing CLX’s multi-pronged approach to e-commerce are generating thousands in incremental contact lens sales.

Modern consumers want to do business online. If you’re not offering online options to order and reorder contact lenses, your patients will turn to a source that does — online retailers, big box optical shops, and third-party subscription services. CLX instantly gives you the tools you need to provide every patient with options that meet their needs. With this kind of convenience available from their eye doctor, why would they ever look anywhere else?

CLX contact lenses webstore shown on laptop

Web Store

All of the CLX Ecommerce Engine’s tools run off of a simple online ordering platform that your patients can access around-the-clock to place orders and replace lost or damaged contact lenses as long as they have a valid prescription. CLX users get a link to their own branded online storefront to link to their website, social media, or other text and email communications with patients!

Convenient Reordering

On average, 90% of contact lens reorder revenue goes to online retailers and other competitors if you’re not offering online reordering. When a patient is close to running out of their supply, CLX automates text and email reminders linking directly to an ordering page within the CLX web store, pre-loaded with their prescription information!

Young woman using smartphone to buy contact lenses from her eye doctor online
Man using laptop and tablet to sign up for contact lens subscription on his eye doctor's website


CLX subscription options enable patients to break down the cost of an annual supply into monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly payments. They’ll automatically receive shipments of their contact lenses delivered directly to their homes before they run out, and you’ll receive the annual supply revenue in the form of timely payments throughout the year!

Addressing Exam-Only Patients

No matter what, some patients will walk out of your office without purchasing their contact lenses. If these patients order from another source, you’ll miss out a full year (or more) of contact lens revenue. With CLX, you can send these patients personalized ordering links via text and email after their exam to capture their contact lens orders.
CLX software ordering system dashboard

“We can watch online reordering almost in real-time, daily, to see who ordered and how that process is working.”

Amanda Barker-Assell, OD | Advanced Family Eye Care