Advanced Family Eyecare increased their practice efficiency and found a solution for capturing lost reorders by automating their practice with CLX.

Meet Dr. Barker

Dr. Amanda Barker is the owner of Advanced Family Eye Care, an eye care clinic where they practice the full scope of optometry. Advanced Family Eye Care has a particularly large contact lens practice as it makes up just over 60% of their business.

Dr. Barker first heard about CLX when she began looking for ways to capture reorders without investing more staff time.  “CLX seemed like a great opportunity for us,” said Barker.


Advanced Family Eyecare considered CLX for two main reasons:

  1. Their internal ordering processes were inefficient, and they felt they were wasting a lot of staff time.  They had too many contact lens shipments coming into the office, and staff time was swallowed up by ordering, shipping and inventory.  After they did all this work, patients still had to physically come into the office to pick up and even pay for their orders.  Dr. Barker wanted to “cut that out” and streamline office efficiencies.
  2. Advanced Family Eyecare was losing a good amount of their contact lens reorders when patients did not purchase a full year supply up front.  Prior to CLX, they had a basic and archaic system that wasn’t fast or simple.  “It’s just not possible to contact every patient every 3 months or 6 months before they are due to reorder. There just isn’t enough time in the day,” explained Barker.  “So, we were really doing very little in the process for reorders, just sitting and waiting.”
CLX full-scale performance dashboard


“Now that we have CLX, we have a much better system in place for capturing reorders.  Every patient that orders less than a year’s supply will receive a digital email and text reminder, and they can respond to that email or text very quickly and place a reorder,” said Barker.  “That reorder goes to our dashboard, they can pay for it right there, and then it ships to their home.  We can watch this happen each day in real time to see who has ordered and how that process is working.  It’s a huge upgrade from what we were doing.”

For Advanced Family Eyecare, CLX was simple to get started and had a full-range of services that helped streamline their contact lens business.  Beyond the reordering features, they also use CLX to compare their prices to other retailers and to generate in-depth reporting every month.

“You have no idea what you are doing if you can’t set goals, and you can’t set goals without data.  With CLX reports, we know who is prescribing what, and it stimulates conversations about who is successful with what types of lenses,” said Barker.  “We are already seeing numbers increase because we are seeing orders in a more concrete fashion every month broken down by doctor, and I think that is valuable.”


Advanced Family Eyecare has seen revenue from reorders growing steadily each month. They are also finding the saved staff time they had been hoping for when they implemented CLX.

“Our practice is busy and when a patient calls in and wants to place an order, there are a lot of steps involved from capturing the data to placing the order to accepting the payment. So to cut that process out is huge. Beyond that, to just have a policy where everything gets shipped to their home is another huge time-saver for us and the patient,” said Barker. “When you break out just staff time alone, CLX is a great tool. There is no way your staff can do their standard amount of work in a day and accomplish all of the things that CLX can do in the background.”

CLX full-scale performance dashboard


CLX helped Advanced Family Eyecare grow their contact lens business while also saving them valuable time.  Dr. Barker plans to continue to increase practice revenue with the CLX system.

“CLX has been a great investment for our practice.  I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t utilize a tool like this within the practice to help drive your contact lens orders.  Any practice that fits contact lenses can benefit from a service like this.”