CLX System

Here are some statistics that will alarm most ECPs:

1. On average, 40% of the patients who get their contact lens prescriptions from a given practice will leave without buying. These patients are extremely unlikely to buy from you after they leave.

2. In a survey, just over 20% of patients said that they buy an annual supply of their contact lens prescriptions. Industrywide, the average annual supply rate for ECPs is around 25%.

3. Reorder revenue — from patients who don’t buy annual supplies after their exam — make up 60% of the contact lens market. Online retailers are capturing close to 90% of this revenue.

The point is this: you should be aware of the contact lens revenue that’s at stake when a patient doesn’t commit to a full year’s supply of contact lenses in your office.

So, how can you increase your in-office contact lens capture rate?

And how can you optimize your contact lens business to sell more annual supplies?

That’s where CLX can help.

“Of course, we knew sometimes people are taking their Rx to-go, or they may order only a 6-month supply and we don’t know what they are doing in the second 6 months… CLX was a bridge to try to capture those lost opportunities.”

– Brill Eye Center

The Solution:
CLX Price Compare at the Point of Sale


Price Compare is a simple tool that pulls real-time pricing data from your major competitors and displays it against a patient’s true cost of buying from you. That includes any applicable discounts, rebates, and their insurance benefits. So instead of patients doing their own price shopping after the fact with your retail pricing, you can show patients a TRUE apples-to-apples comparison for their prescribed contact lens right there in your office.

How Can Price Compare Help You…

  • Capture more sales the day of the exam? 80% of consumers say they like to comparison shop before they make any type of purchase. Price Compare lets you do the comparison for them in a way that is easy to digest so that they can make a same day decision.
  •  Sell more annual supplies? When patients see how advantageous it is to leverage the full range of benefits available to them, they are more likely to buy the whole year’s supply.

“We were around 15-19% annual supply sales and now we are hitting 40-48% consistently, and we are still growing with that.”


– Vision First

Completing the Picture with CLX:

Even with Price Compare, some patients simply will not buy an annual supply of contact lenses on the day of their exam:

  • For patients who can’t afford an annual supply at the time of the fitting, CLX Subscriptions enables you to offer a flexible monthly payments.
  • If a patient purchases a 90-day or 6-month partial supply, CLX Convenient Reordering automatically sends reorder reminders before they run out of their contact lenses.
  • When a patient takes their prescription to go, CLX Patient Protect follows up after the exam date with texts and emails to make it easier for them to       order from your practice when they’re ready.

Price Compare is included at no charge with the premium version of CLX. Need help accessing Price Compare for the first time? Give us a call us at (314) 995-9959 or email us at cu*************@CL*******.com to get started.