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If you’ve come this far, it’s clear that you’re searching for a leg up in a crowded and ultra-competitive contact lens market because you understand: contact lens patients bring the most lifetime value to your practice, and you rely on them for your continued success.

Maybe you attended our webinar, The Growing Demand for Patient Convenience, where we outlined the past, present, and future of the market. We also demonstrated why ECPs need to compete on convenience to increase their capture rate, especially when it comes to reorders.

The CLX System can help you do all this and more, but first, we need to reiterate that as Vision Source Members, you have the exclusive opportunity to get all of this at an unprecedented discount:

For 90 days, you don’t pay anything

After that, you still won’t owe anything until the CLX System is driving revenue to your practice with reorders, and subscriptions 

Bringing CLX into your practice will help you win more contact lens sales. Here’s a visual summary of how CLX is the ONLY contact lens business solution that helps you address your patients’ needs at every phase of their lifecycle, even in between appointments:

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