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ECPs utilizing CLX marketing tools triple sales growth compared to industry average


ECPs utilizing CLX marketing tools triple sales growth compared to industry average
Most of the industry’s contact lens sales grow at a snail’s pace. However, eye care practices utilizing CLX grew contact lens revenue last year at nearly three times the industry’s average.

The Vision CouncilThe Vision Council recently released its annual VisionWatch report, the largest continuous survey of consumer purchasing attitudes toward eye-wear and eye care. Results showed contact lens sales increased a mere 4% in the year ending March 2017. In contrast to this disappointing industry data, same store sales of CLX users averaged an 11% annual sales increase after implementing CLX’s marketing functionality.

“In a sluggish growth environment, successful practices have to embrace new ways to connect with, and serve patients – on their time, their terms and their turf,” said Jim Edwards, CEO of CLX. “Our new marketing solution for ECP’s has helped them significantly outpace the industry average.”

CLX’s two turnkey marketing solutions, My CL Reorder and My CL Store, are designed to help the ECP compete with online competition, retain patients, and increase practice revenues.

CLX 3x Growth“With CLX, eye care practices have access to efficient marketing solutions not available in any other single comprehensive system,” according to Jeremy Bono, CLX Sales Manager. “CLX automatically identifies patients due to reorder, emails and texts them a reorder link, and guides them to place reorders directly with their ECP. This reorder functionality has proven to improve patient loyalty, and contributes to the exceptional sales growth that CLX users are generating.”

Similarly, My CL Store is engineered for patient convenience by creating an attractive, user-friendly, and customized contact lens ordering link on the ECP’s website. Patients will experience the ease of ordering contact lenses on their phone or computer, but this time through their ECP’s site, instead of a third-party online store. With functionality like this, it’s no wonder CLX users are watching annual sales skyrocket.



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