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How to Keep up with Contact Lens Manufacturer Rebates

How to Keep up with Contact Lens Manufacturer Rebates

With traditional big box and online contact lens retailers growing as well as new subscription models emerging, the contact lens market is more competitive today than it ever has been. You may feel like you’re fighting a losing battle for your contact lens sales, but what may surprise you is that the tools you need to compete and win are right at your fingertips.

See, ECPs have advantages over third-party competitors when it comes to capturing contact lens sales from their patients: manufacturer rebates and competitive intelligence. By staying on top of market pricing and the contact lens rebates that manufacturers offer, you can optimize your process.

With this information, you can do two things:

Set your prices at the optimal level for profit and price comparison


Consistently compete with big box and online retailers for contact lens revenue


This might sound great in theory, but in practice, we all know that manually tracking this information requires a significant time investment. But what if this process was automated for you? That’s where the CLX System comes in. In addition to simplifying contact lens ordering and reordering, this cloud-based software system can also help you stay current with manufacturer rebates and competitor pricing.
CLX Price Compare Feature

Price Compare

After you fit your patient with their contact lenses, how can you ensure that they buy from you and not a third-party retailer? As the prescribing OD, you already have the advantage of your established doctor-patient relationship. Add to that the ability to demonstrate that you are also the most cost-effective option and buying from you should be a “no-brainer.”

CLX makes keeping track of manufacturer rebates and competitor pricing nearly effortless with CLX Price Compare. This feature allows you to give your patients a visual “side-by-side” comparison of your price alongside those of the largest national competitors. The best part is that once your patient’s insurance and prescription information are entered, this comparison chart will autofill with any applicable rebates available to be used on a specific product and current competitor pricing for that product. This means that gathering this data in real-time takes minimal effort on your part.

CLX is Great for Your Bottom Line

With the CLX System, you can optimize your contact lens business to be competitive and profitable, all the while capturing more patient sales in-office.

Capturing that first sale in your practice – even when it’s not a full year’s supply – gives you a leg up on capturing reorders from the same patients later in the year, especially when they’ve seen how much they can save buying from you. This gives you more control over patient compliance and strengthens the doctor-patient relationship in the process.

Are you interested in learning more about using CLX to keep up with the information you need to be successful? Start your free trial today to see how you can make selling contact lenses easier than ever!