CLX System

Generation X: Fueling Your Relationships with Your
Busiest Patients

We’ve shown you how to offer your millennial patients options that meet their needs and priorities, and we’ve told you how with CLX, you can strengthen patient relationships with a single age group without straining your bonds with the others. We’re going to talk about one of those “other” generations that’s still crucial for the success of your practice: Generation X.

Gen X covers patients from around 40 years of age to just under 60. They have families to support, kids’ college to pay for, and between their careers and home lives, they don’t have a lot of time to spare.

This means, as an ECP, you don’t have much room for error when you build a relationship with this particular generation of patients. Here are some insights about Generation X that will help you offer them options that meet their needs, even amidst a near-constant time crunch:

Gen X is Small but Powerful

Small but Powerful GenXWhile Generation X is smaller as a whole than the Baby Boomers above them and Millennials below, this generation holds just over half of executive roles in businesses across the U.S. When you think of Generation X, you should be thinking of busy individuals leaders whether their sphere of influence is in the workplace or the home. Many of them may work longer-than-average weeks while trying to balance caring for both their parents and their children at the same time.

This should signal something to ECPs and others trying to get in touch with this group of patients. If the options you’re offering from your practice are time-intensive, Gen Xers will likely look for alternatives that fit their busy schedule.

Gen Xers Are Almost as Digitally Savvy as Millennials

A common misconception about Generation X is that they’re significantly less tech-savvy than the next age group, millennials. Studies show that this isn’t the case, or at least not to the degree that you might think. In a survey of business leaders across multiple generations, 56% of millennials reported that they were comfortable using technology, only 2% higher than Gen X respondents.

This means it would be a mistake to lump Gen X in with Baby Boomers when it comes to technology adoption. Gen Xers’ primary means of communication is email, meaning that when you try to do business with them on their terms, digital communication is an essential party of the strategy.

Gen Xers are Time-Strapped and Demand Solutions That Fit

Gen XersSo what’s the takeaway? The often-overlooked Generation X may be America’s Neglected Middle Child, but its members have disproportionate purchasing power in today’s economy and make up a considerable portion of your patients. How can you provide solutions that meet the needs of this generation AND work with their busy schedule?

The answer, once again, is CLX.

With CLX, you can offer patients time-saving solutions when they buy contact lenses, strengthening your relationships with Gen X patients and driving more revenue than before.

With CLX Subscriptions, you can offer Gen X patients a way to get an annual supply of contact lenses that fits their lifestyle. Instead of paying for and storing a 12-month supply of contact lenses up front, a patient can elect to take home an initial supply and set up the balance of the lenses for automatic shipment. This “set it and forget it” functionality eases the mental load of a busy generation that appreciates having one less thing to remember each month. This means that your patients get a new box of contact lenses on their doorstep before their old box runs out and are automatically billed without any additional effort.

If a patient decides that they’re not ready to commit to a full-year supply of their contact lenses, you can still help them save time with CLX Convenient Reordering. This feature gives you the option to send reordering reminders via your preferred method of communication — text or email — with personalized ordering links inside. This means that before a patient runs out of contact lenses, they get a simple link that is pre-loaded with their prescription details for near-effortless digital reordering. Generation Xers will thank you for not making them jump through hoops to find and upload a current copy of their prescription to order online.

You already know that CLX gives you the options you need to grow your contact lens business. With features aimed at every generation of patients, you can also count on CLX to strengthen patient relationships and foster brand loyalty across the lifecycle.