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Online Contact Lens Subscription Services Are Attracting Your Patients; Here’s What You Can Do About it

Contact Lens Subscription Services
The data is clear — not every patient will walk out of your office with an annual supply of their contact lenses, which means you can’t afford to ignore the competition for reorders. In fact, ECPs like you are only capturing 10% of contact lens reorders from patients who don’t purchase an annual supply on the date of their fitting.

This is another major opportunity for contact lens retailers and it’s one that online subscription services like Hubble have wasted no time capitalizing on. Here’s a breakdown of how subscription services have dominated the reorder market, and how you can access the tools you need to fight back:

The Threat Posed by Subscription Services


The meteoric rise in the market share of subscription services in practically every industry has been well documented. From dog food to curated apparel to shaving kits and everything in between, convenience has ruled the last few years, and it’s easy to see why: the cost of shipping has gone way down, and consumers are willing to pay a little more for the goods they need to arrive on their doorstep when they need them.

Companies like Hubble aren’t doing anything crazy, in fact, they’re doing what’s smart in the current economy, because they know what your patients want.

get in the game


If you had the technology to provide a subscription option to patients who purchase less than a full year supply of lenses up front, would you?

Meet the CLX System, a cloud-based software solution that automates industry best practices to help independent ECPs compete and succeed. With CLX, rolling out a white-label subscription service to your patients is automated and turnkey.

Only 24% of contact lens wearers actually buy an annual supply up front. By enrolling in a subscription, patients can apply their upfront insurance benefit to the cost of a year’s supply and then split the remaining balance into equal payments. When they are due for their next box, CLX will automatically process the payment and the lenses will be delivered to the patient’s doorstep. The best part is, the payments are immediately deposited directly into the account of your choice.

That’s it. A new revenue stream can be unlocked for your practice with little effort. Access it now with CLX.

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