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Grow Your Contact Lens Business by Leveraging Existing Patient Relationships

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There’s more to practice growth than simply adding new patients. Are you getting all the value you can out of your relationships with your current contact lens patients? The fact is, most practices aren’t. And, many don’t even know it. Do you know how much additional revenue you could be getting from the patients you already see?

CLX offers a comprehensive set of features able to help ECPs like you capitalize on the areas of opportunity that already exist in your contact lens business, focused on the patients with whom you already have a relationship. With features that simplify your practice by automating reporting, making it easier to send reorder reminders via text and email, reducing exam only patients, and more, CLX makes it easy to grow your business with your existing patients without the pressure to constantly seek new ones.

Hear from real ECPs — doctors and administrators just like you who have seen their contact lens businesses grow at more than 3 times the industry average with the CLX System.

How To Sell More Daily Disposables

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Selling full year supplies of daily disposable contact lenses increases patient compliance and practice revenue. Find out how CLX’s automated tools can help your practice grow by leveraging existing patient relationships. Read more…

Case Study: Rosin Eyecare

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Part of what it takes to grow your contact lens business is finding easier and more efficient ways to do the things you are already doing. Learn from one ECP who used the comprehensive features of CLX to both increase reorder revenue and reduce administrative overhead. Read More…

Contact Lens Subscription Services

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The CLX System is cloud-based software that’s designed to help ECPs grow their contact lens business and strengthen relationships with existing patients. With features aimed at reducing exam-only patients, increasing capture rate, annual supply rate and more, CLX has the answers for ECPs looking to expand the options they can offer to patients.