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The 5 Things Online retailers Know About Your Patients

Online retailers are bursting into the contact lens marketplace with promises of low-costs and convenient delivery — and they are making quite an impact! With the changing contact lens market in the digital age, online retailers are taking 90% of reorders away from ECPs.

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Well, online retailers and subscription services know quite a few things about your patients that allow them to communicate effectively and meet their needs when patients are due to reorder. We want you to have this same information, so you can use it to reclaim the contact lens market and strengthen your relationships with your patients!

Here are 5 things online retailers know about your patients
(that you should too)!

What Prices They Want

1. What Prices They Want

Patients want to buy a product at the cheapest price, which is why online retailers and subscription services offer patients low prices that fit into their budgets. Some of them even offer the first month free, just pay shipping, with the option to cancel the subscription anytime. However, with online retailers, patients don’t always know that what they are getting isn’t necessarily what their doctor is prescribing. The lenses are NOT the same quality, which means communicating the importance of lens quality to your patients is essential!

What Prices They Want
What Their Schedules Are Like
What Their Schedules Are Like

2. What Their Schedules Are Like

2. What Their Schedules
Are Like

Patients are busy, and online retailers and subscription services have designed their model to accommodate any schedule. Their customer service response times are nearly instantaneous. Patients can reorder contacts whenever and wherever they choose!

When They Need to Reorder

3. When They Need to Reorder

These online subscription services pride themselves on keeping track of patients’ order details and automate the reorder process. This is one less thing that patients need to remember and locks in patients’ reorders for the entire year. They’ve managed to make contact lens ordering a painless process for patients of all ages.

When They Need to Reorder
Where They Want Their Orders Shipped
Where They Want Their Orders Shipped

4. Where They Want Their Orders Shipped

4. Where They Want Their
Orders Shipped

Your online competitors know that patients don’t have the time to fit an extra trip into their day. At-home shipping allows them to order and receive contacts in the comfort of their own home and keeps them from having to fight traffic to pick up contacts at an office.

How Patients Demand Convenience

5. How Patients Demand Convenience

5. How Patients Demand

The long and the short of it is that online retailers know that the way to a patient’s heart is through simplicity. Automatic reordering capabilities and at-home shipping ultimately lead contact lens patients online instead of to their ECPs. People like to set it and forget it. Online subscription services make it so that patients don’t even have to think about ever going elsewhere for contacts.

How Patients Demand Convenience

Take Back the Contact Lens Marketplace

Online retailers know that most practices can’t keep up with their large-scale logistic streamlining. What your online competition doesn’t know is that it is now becoming easier than ever for ECPs to compete in the contact lens game with a revolutionary new cloud-based software solution.

The CLX System is a cloud-based software solution designed to help ECPs compete and succeed in the contact lens marketplace. CLX makes it easy for patients to order contacts from the right place – their eye doctor. CLX’s mission is to provide practices with the tools to grow their contact lens business without requiring extra administrative effort. From simplified contact lens ordering online to convenient text and email reorder reminders with personalized ordering links to a hassle-free subscription service, CLX saves practices time, increases revenue, and captures more contact lens reorders!

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