CLX System

Online Competitors are Using Convenience to Steal Your Patients

If you don’t address the threat that online competitors pose to your contact lens business, you’re in danger of being left behind. That’s where CLX can help. By giving you tools to increase your annual supply rate, reduce exam only patients, and offer convenient options for ordering and reordering contact lenses, you’ll capture more sales and leave fewer patients behind for third-party retailers. With CLX, you can fight back against online retailers by having access to the same convenient solutions they use at the click of a button.

Offer Your Patients New Convenient Options

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5 Things that Online Retailers Know About Your Patients

CLX Makes ECPs’ Lives Easier

It’s likely that some of your patients are being lured away by online retailers offering direct-to-home delivery and convenient monthly subscription plans. Learn how to fight back with the CLX System. Learn More…

Case Study: Dr. Bedinghaus

Advanced Family Eyecare

Learn from one ECP how he flipped the script on subscription services and online retailers. Learn More…

The CLX System is cloud-based software that’s designed to help ECPs grow their contact lens business and strengthen relationships with existing patients. With features aimed at reducing exam-only patients, increasing capture rate, annual supply rate and more, CLX has the answers for ECPs looking to expand the options they can offer to patients.