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Part of staying competitive as an ECP is uncovering hidden sources of revenue and recapturing lost opportunities. Here are four ways that ECPs report growing their contact lens businesses:


ECPs that pay attention to their annual supply rates have greater success increasing sales. Looking beyond a simple percentage and figuring out how that number varies by doctor and modality can give ECPs unprecedented insight into how to capture additional revenue. Reports that can break down sales by doctor, modality, and brand can show a practice what exactly they are selling and where they may need to make improvements.

Dig into Annual Supply
Alternatives Increase Contact Lens Revenue


Every patient is different so taking a one-size-fits-all approach is bound to miss opportunities. ECPs that have diversified options – like contact lens subscriptions – increase their contact lens revenue. Patients appreciate the ability to spread out payments over a longer period of time and the convenience of direct delivery. Subscriptions are one way you can increase your annual supply capture rate, as you are able to lock in reorders beyond the initial day of exam.


Did you know that on average ECPs only capture 10% of contact lens reorders? Whether patients are ordering from online retailers or stretching their lenses, savvy ECPs can recapture significant revenue with one simple change: contacting their patients before they are due to reorder. Not only does proactively staying in touch with patients increase the likelihood of contact lens reorder, it also increases the frequency with which patients come in for their contact lens exam. In the digital age, correspondence via text and email is a new way of strengthening patient relationships and providing efficient communications.

Stay in Touch with Clients
Contact Lens Business Convenience


In today’s technology driven world, convenience is the name of the game. Patients want things to be easy. Small changes like shipping contacts directly to patients’ homes, offering personalized reorder links via text and email, and having an online store can have a substantial impact on an ECP’s bottom line. Giving your patients the ability to order contacts online quickly and easily builds loyalty and captures more reorders!

These four strategies have helped countless ECPs increase their contact lens revenue at 3x the industry average. If these changes seem overwhelming, don’t panic. It’s now becoming easier than ever for ECPs to compete in the contact lens game with a revolutionary new software solution. CLX System does everything mentioned above…AND MORE!

CLX System is a cloud-based software solution that automates these best practices for you to give you a complete contact lens capture strategy. CLX makes ordering contacts easy for your patients with email and text reminders and a direct-to-door subscription service. It also makes managing your contact lens business easy for your practice with detailed reports and accurate annual supply metrics right at your fingertips. Increase your practice’s profitability while also saving time with CLX.

Get started with CLX today to see how this easy-to-use system can help make your contact lens business more profitable!

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