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How to Sell More Daily Disposables

(and Increase Patient Compliance)

How to Sell More Daily Disposables

(and Increase Patient Compliance)
Selling more daily disposables is one way to help your practice thrive in the contact lens marketplace as well as give your patients a more convenient and healthier product. Since less than 15% of the population of contact lens wearers are in daily lenses, this is a huge opportunity for ECPs.
After surveying hundreds of eye care professionals across the country, we’ve compiled the top 5 ways to sell more daily disposables and increase patient compliance!

1. Annual Supply Reporting by Modality, Formulary, and Doctor

The first thing to do is to get an accurate picture of what you are prescribing. Accurate annual supply reporting is key, as well as the ability to break down reports by modality, formulary and doctor. This way, you can see exactly how many daily disposable lenses you are prescribing and focus on the areas where you can grow. By breaking the reports down by doctor, you can also determine which doctors are having success with daily disposables to share best practices and the places where sales can be improved.
What Prices They Want
What Their Schedules Are Like

2. Competitive Pricing

By staying up to date on current contact lens pricing across the industry, including the prices of national retailers and your online competition, you can ensure you are neither overpricing nor underpricing your daily disposables. If selling daily disposables is your goal, then know what your competition is doing, so that you don’t lose sales due to patients shopping around. Instead, you can reassure your patients that your prices are the best they can find.

3. Price Compare

When speaking to your patients about daily disposable lenses, one common obstacle you may face is that they are more expensive (or at least are perceived to be more expensive by your patients.) However, an annual supply of daily disposables usually will have a manufacturer’s rebate that will reduce the cost. The patient’s insurance can decrease the cost even further, and you may also be running a practice-specific special deal. To overcome the price objection, break down the cost for patients in the office and add in all of their insurance benefits, rebates and discounts so that they can see the TRUE cost of their daily disposables.

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When They Need to Reorder
Where They Want Their Orders Shipped

4. Subscriptions

Another way to handle the price objection is by offering your patients a hassle-free subscription service! They still get the daily lenses they need, but at a lower monthly cost. Patients also get the convenience of direct delivery and the peace of mind that they don’t have to ever worry about ordering contact lenses – their lenses automatically ship when they are running low. This means you can lock in an annual supply of daily disposable lenses and keep your sales high.

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5. Convenient Reordering

Automatic patient email or text reminders not only save you time, they also ensure your patients can easily reorder their contact lenses when they need them. If you find that your patients aren’t buying an annual supply of daily disposables on the day of the exam, then you need convenient ways to guarantee you still get a full year of contact lens sales from those patients. Proactive reminders using relevant technology is the way to ensure those sales come to you and not your competition. These reorder reminders also help your patients maintain compliance, as reordering their lenses is quick and easy – no need to stretch their contact lenses!

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How Patients Demand Convenience

Sell More Dailies and Save More Time

Sell More Dailies
and Save More Time

All of this can seem time consuming or difficult to implement, but that is why CLX has a turnkey solution! With automatic reordering technology that includes text and email reminders with personalized links, a hassle-free subscription service, easy in-office price compare feature, and a monthly competitive pricing update, CLX is the key to unlocking the potential daily disposable market.
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